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Hibiscus: Benefits of a Superflower

Orange and pink Hibiscus flower plant

Here in California, the Hibiscus flower is a permanent fixture in yards and often even along our bustling roadways. This beautiful flower, with over 200 species and a vast array of colors, is native to many tropical and sub-tropical regions around the globe. Hibiscus benefits are many. It’s vibrant flowers are rich in anti-oxidants, minerals and Vitamin C. In addition to being an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, Hibiscus is commonly used to help lower both high-blood pressure and high cholesterol, as well as aiding in overall heart health. With a tartness similar to that of cranberry juice, this flower contains 15-30% malic, tartaric and citric organic acids. Having a slightly diuretic and astringent effect on the body, Hibiscus helps flush out toxins and has even been shown to help slow down the growth of cancerous cells.

Glass of Hibiscus tea next to a Hibiscus flower and dried petalsBeauty & Aromatherapy

Known to some as the “Botox Plant,” its naturally occurring acids are slightly exfoliating; helping speed cell turnover and even-out skin tone. Hibiscus water makes a refreshing and beautifully fragrant face and body mist. It can also be incorporated into a scrub, like our Rose Hibiscus Sugar Body Scrub! The high mucilage content aids in retaining skin’s moisture, while the vitamin C and anti-oxidants help in making the skin supple and vibrant.


Hibiscus tea is quite common in many cafés and on health food store shelves. It can be brewed alone, or with the addition of a bit of local organic honey or a few drops of stevia. The tea can be a bit tart, so adding your choice of sweetener is usually preferred. It is also a great accompaniment to numerous spices and flavors, including one of our favorites by The Republic of Tea. Not only is Hibiscus great for a healthy complexion and heart, it has also been shown to help heal the damaging effects of liver disease, balance hormones, aide in weight loss and help soothe cramps and menstrual pain.

With the warm weather well on it’s way, enjoy brewing up a cup or two of refreshingly hydrating Hibiscus iced tea! Hibiscus benefits all of us in one way or another. Let us know how it has helped you!