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Hangover Recovery: Dirty Lemonade

Ginger root, lemon, activated charcoal and liquid chlorophyll bottle on counter

It’s Saturday morning and who would have guessed that a Dirty Lemonade might be the answer to all of your hangover recovery prayers. If you think about it, hangovers are about balance. Trying to balance out all of the bad decisions from the night before that is. Whether we have 2 drinks or 10, alcohol puts unwanted stress on our bodies. Obviously, the more you consume the unhappier your system will be with you when you wake up. So, recovery mode it is. Most of us wake up dazed & confused from the night before; with coffee and a huge glass of ice water on our mind. This is not the answer. Coffee is acidic & ice water is extremely shocking to your body; hangover or not.

On top of making you feel like a pile, alcohol also equals dull, dehydrated skin. Lemon is high in anti-aging vitamin C that helps freshen the skin. In addition to being alkaline, lemon aids in the detoxification of your liver. Chlorophyll helps protect your cells from damaging oxidation by removing free radicals & toxins in the body. Activated charcoal can help with an irritable stomach, as well as ridding the system of toxins. Honey has anti-oxidant properties that help neutralize the toxins that are created by alcohol & has been shown to assist the body in breaking down alcohol faster.

Last but not least, we spiced up or Dirty Lemonade with a bit of ginger. As I am sure many of you know by now, ginger is outstanding in calming nausea & settling your tummy.

Lemons and liquid chlorophyll bottle on cutting board with a glass of water

    Dirty Lemonade


Start by filling a 16 oz. glass with room temperature filtered water. Cut and peel ginger into pieces; drop into water. Squeeze entire lemon into glass along with 15-20 drops of liquid chlorophyll. Empty activated charcoal capsule & honey into your glass & stir until honey is dissolved. Let sit for a few minutes so the ginger has time to release it’s goodness. Sip slowly. Your body will thank you!

Hangovers and the feeling of being out of balance are not a fun way to start the weekend. If you guys have any hangover recovery go-to’s, we’d love to hear ‘em!