Finding Balance

Finding Balance // The Conscious Collective

Finding balance in my daily routine has been something I’ve been striving toward for a long time, but always seems to be something I am working on and not necessarily obtaining. As a whole society, our days are getting more and more cluttered. We’re expected to work longer hours without breaks. We have profiles to update and side businesses to build, toxic chemicals to avoid and a planet to save. Trying to balance work life, school life and love life with the complexities of the modern day, alone, can be exhausting. And then trying to find the time to practice yoga, eat organic and sustainable foods, and make sure the products I use are clean and safe can sometimes leave me feeling defeated. Because of this, I’ve been giving balance a bit of thought and have come to these important three takeaways:

  1. Remember, we are striving for balance, not perfection. This is probably the hardest concept for me to remember. Balance is about accepting that we will never be perfect and being okay with that. Yes, the majority of my meals throughout the week are going to be healthy, but finding balance means not sweating that midweek slice of pizza.
  2. Find & foster community. We are not in this alone, nor should we be. There are people everywhere who are out doing and learning new things and sharing their information and tips with others. The more we share our expertise and experiences with others the easier finding balance may become.
  3. Be honest with yourself. Figuring out our personal priorities is key. We may put greater weight to some aspects of our lives because of the influence of others and not because it is something that is truly important to us. We need to make sure to be honest with ourselves when deciding how and where we spend our precious time.