Rachel & Ashleah || The Conscious Collective

It’s been 62 days since our last blog post.

we feel dispirited.

Unfortunately, we’ve found it very difficult to find inspiration over the past couple of months. With the current state of our country (and the internet), we’ve been unsure how to proceed with this blog. How do we continue to write about frivolous recipes and the power of plants when there are so many more important topics to be discussed? How do we speak out in support of our cause without getting too political? How do we move forward in an uplifting and empowering manner?

We want this blog to be a platform inspiring unity, where we tackle each topic from a place of love and acceptance. There is so much negativity floating around on the internet today. Our Twitter feed, which used to be full of creativity and inspiration, is now spewing nothing but ridicule and hate. Everywhere we turn there are words and ideas that break us and tear apart our spirit. Can we make our way back to where we used to be? Can we navigate through all the crap and become reawakened?

Ashleah and I are desperately working toward that rejuvenation in our personal lives, and that will translate here on these pages. We’ve been getting together and doing a lot of hugging, sprinkled with some occasional tequila drinking, and are ready to begin this journey again.

We are very thankful to you all for standing by us and waiting patiently while we’ve been silent. We hope that you will join us as we grow this collective.