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All-Natural Deodorant: The Search for “Best”

All natural deodorant // The Conscious Collective

Ever since downloading the Think Dirty app a few months ago (check it out, it’s amazing!!), my eyes have been opened further to all of the potential toxins in common health & beauty products, as well as to the ambiguous labeling system practiced throughout the industry. For the most part, my cabinet was clean or easily changed, but finding an all-natural deodorant that works effectively has been a real struggle.

I had heard repeatedly that conventional deodorants containing aluminum and other chemicals to control smell and reduce perspiration were bad for our health, and may play a part in breast cancer development, but it wasn’t until I started using the Think Dirty app that it truly hit home. It was time to no longer risk my good health for the sake of smelling nice and feeling dry. My first stop for finding a new deodorant that met my new “clean” standards was Whole Foods, where I picked up a couple new deodorants by Nourish Organics. The scents they offer smelled wonderful and they passed the Think Dirty test, but after a day of running around Manhattan I found that I really smelled. I smelled so bad I was starting to feel extremely self-conscious and even considered going back to my conventional stick.

All natural deodorant // The Conscious Collective

It wasn’t until a few weeks later, at a dinner party with fellow conscious consumers, that I learned of the new all natural deodorant, PiperWai. After hearing my friend’s enthusiastic reviews, I decided to take a chance & order some (they were back ordered on the PiperWai website so I ordered from Lucky Vitamin).

PiperWai has turned out to be one of the best deodorants I have ever used. It doesn’t always keep you as All natural deodorant // The Conscious Collectivedry as a conventional deodorant might, but it does stop me from starting to smell bad. The mix of essential oils provides a fresh aroma that isn’t too highly reliant on any specific one, like tea tree oil or lavender, the way other all natural deodorants do. Because the deodorant is made with coconut oil, I’ve found that I can roll a bit around with my fingers to warm it up before application; making it easier to spread. PiperWai provides all day protection sans aluminum, parabens & other toxins.